i worked out for an hour today guys, which is like my longest time ever. :) i actually feel a lot fitter as when i did my usual DVD i could do exercises that i couldn’t do at all when i first started. so yeah, an hour might not seem that amazing but it’s a start and i felt like i needed to try and make a dent in all the calories i’ve consumed today as i went round to my friends after school and we did NOT eat healthily at all. so foodwise today hasn’t been great, but i’m hoping this workout sesh will give me a head start in terms of healthiness for tomorrow. anyway, tomorrow is a fresh day with no mistakes and i’m going to try my hardest to keep it blemish free.

Anonymous said: How did you lose that much in a week? :0

okay, well basically what i’ve been doing is a mixture of two fitness DVDs and downtownn’s level 1 work out on days where i have exams and can’t work out in the morning.
most mornings i eat something small before i work out, like a fruit or something and then i do either the 10 minute solution flat belly fast -i do about two workouts from this- with the mr.motivator pyramid workout or like three mr.motivator ones and one 10 minute solution. then i make my porridge (oatmeal) with one and a half cups of lactose free semi-skimmed milk and have that for breakfast. i’m not gonna lie there have been days where i’ve eaten food that isn’t healthy or great for you but i’ve only had a little binge once in the past week. some days, during the day i’ll do some random short excercise like jumping jacks or abdominal exercises. today after my exam i walked from my school to my friends’ house which was 2.5 miles and we made some fruit salad which was delicious c:
i’m not saying i eat 100% healthy all the time but i am trying and i think it’s paying off because my friend commented on how slim i looked today. so i’m just trying to keep it up really, but thank you for asking. you’re going to motivate me to get up tomorrow and workout, thanks! :)

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